Tales from Out There

Tales from Out There: the Barkley Marathons, the World's Toughest Trail Race is a delightful surprise of a self-published book—well-written, meticulously detailed, technically accurate, with useful maps plus several black-and-white photos. "Frozen" Ed Furtaw has done a fine job of recording the history of the Barkley, a 100+ mile trek across the rugged terrain of central Tennessee's Frozen Head Environmental Education Area. Chapter 16 (covering 1997) of Out There offers "Famous Inspirational Quotes" from Barkley runners, including:

In the HAT Run 2006 I ran briefly with Keith Dunn, who had done a partial Barkley lap the prior year and who planned to go back. "You don't have to be fast to run Barkley," he told me, "just stupid!"

^z - 2010-05-11