Ted Corbitt

The latest issue of Marathon & Beyond (Sep/Oct 2008) features Gail Kislevitz's charming eulogy to legendary ultrarunner Ted Corbitt (1919-2007). It's titled simply "Saying Goodbye to Ted" and includes, among many wonderful stories, an anecdote told by Joseph Perez at Corbitt's funeral:

Perez describes Ted as a fine man who never lost his temper, never raised his voice, and always had a kind word for everyone. One of their favorite things to do together was going to running events. He recalls a night they attended the MIllrose Games. Perez had received free tickets and invited Ted to accompany him. When they arrived at Madison Square Garden, the ticket taker recognized Ted and immediately escorted them to the VIP entrance, an upgrade from the general admission tickets. While riding in the elevator, Perez recognized Joe DiMaggio. "I start yelling like a kid, saying to Ted, 'Oh, my God, it's Joe DiMaggio,'" recalls Perez. "Ted just stood quietly in the corner reading the event pamphlet. When DiMaggio looked over to see what idiot was making all the noise, he recognized Ted and came over to shake his hand, saying 'It's nice to meet you. I understand you are the greatest runner in America.'" According to Perez, Ted quietly said to DiMaggio, "Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration."

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