The Friday-morning Philosophy Breakfast crew has been rather subdued for the past few weeks. It's hard to know what to say when someone sitting next to you at the table has just lost a brother in the World Trade Center attack. But out of our shared fear, and anger, and grief, some flashes of mindfulness (and, believe it or not, humor):

(thanks, once more, to BD, JJ, LJR, RS, BW, et al. for insight and fellowship)

TopicSociety - TopicPhilosophy - 2001-10-11

_"Terrorism comes from weakness." ... "Great countries resist retaliation and revenge." Hmmm. Seems that great countries might be defined as those that last long enough to write history books that say that they are great countries. That would have nothing to do with resisting retaliation and revenge.

Tnx! --- good thought ... and note that Philo B'fast comments are made by different people, often during point/counterpoint discussions, so they are not necessarily consistent one with another ... - MarkZimmermann -

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