The Buddha Walks into the Office

Oh My Goodness! — such a jumble of insight, preachiness, empathy, anecdote, wisdom, and buzzwordiness. The Buddha Walks into the Office by Lodro Rinzler (2014) is a stew that (cl)aims to be, as per its subtitle, "a guide to livelihood for a new generation". Or maybe not. Its author has been accused of sexual abuse, as have his teacher and so many others within American Buddhism. His book is chatty and fast-reading, encouraging and gentle. It's also obsessively first-person, a jarring tone from an ostensible advocate of selflessness and letting-go of ego. Logic is flimsy. Spirit is kind. Doctrine is distracting. Intention is positive. Execution is weak.

Positive features:

Distracting features:

Helpful thoughts:

(cf Buddha Buddy (2014-05-19), Flawed Gurus (2014-08-11), ...) - ^z - 2019-10-26