The Knowledge

Like "The Coin" (a near-perfect 1793 chain cent), "The Angle" (at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863-07-03), and "The Belay" (a mountaineering feat on K2 in the Himalayas, 1953-08-10), another example of definitive terminology is called simply The Knowledge. It's what London taxi-drivers must have: an in-depth inside-out intimate mental map of the city, all its roads and routes and attractions and landmarks. Since 1865 applicants for a license must pass a test called, modestly, "The Knowledge of London". It typically takes two years of study, and one medical analysis found that the brains of those who acquired "The Knowledge" had a larger right hippocampus than others.

(cf. TheCoin (2002-03-05), TheBelay (2004-04-10), ...) - ^z - 2009-01-20