The World We Truly Want

Beautiful thoughts by John Sterman, professor and leader of the MIT System Dynamics Group:

In my view, the real purpose and real value of a Sloan education is to develop [students'] capabilities as systems thinkers and the leadership abilities to use those capabilities to build the world we truly want. Not for the short run. Not to boost the bottom line, or to pump up the stock price. But to create the world we truly want, for the long run.

... from "The Beer Game" by Peter Dizikes, MIT Technology Review, October 2013.

(cf Transient Behavior (1999-05-11), Fifth Disciplinarians (2000-09-10), Tool Rules (2001-11-10), Forecasting Lessons from Systems Dynamics (2017-07-05), Systems Dynamics Advice (2017-07-12), ...) - ^z - 2018-10-13