This Is America I glance at a few Internet humor sites. The Onion no longer shows up at the Metro entrance or the University of Maryland campus on paper, the medium in which I formerly enjoyed it most, but it's often worth a chuckle online. So is, though it tends to be cruder. The Register focuses on the Information Technology industry and sometimes provokes a smile. Down a notch are College Humor and Something Awful, often sub-sophomoric.

But my favorite du jour quickie-jokes at the moment come from Humor Switch. It features silly giggles among which are real or made-up chat dialogues. This one made me laugh and reminded me of the classic "This is America — you can do whatever you want!" line that a trail runner told Caren Jew and me half a decade ago.

The image here is clipped from yet another snicker-site, 9GAG, that overlaps Humor Switch somewhat in content. |

^z - 2012-03-17