Through a Goose

Last year the New Zealand Fish and Game magazine commented [1]:

... The goose digestive system, unlike that of most other herbivores, is incapable of digesting fibre. With a limited breakdown of plant cell walls, food passage is rapid resulting in a goose producing 160 droppings per day. ...

Alas, my own digestion has developed goose-like speed for the past few days, whether due to food poisoning, influenza, or unknown other cause. Fortunately the malady struck before the winter/spring marathon and ultra season. After sleeping 16 hours a couple of days ago and 12 hours yesterday the headaches are gone and I'm feeling close to normal. I've lost a few kilos, but they will come back too quickly. My personal tea-lemonade-salts electrolyte formula seems to be keeping me hydrated, and I'm subsisting on a "BRAT" diet of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. (No, BRAT does not stand for Beef, Radishes, Anchovies, and Tabasco sauce.) An unrelated issue is the mysterious hip bruise that I developed after a fall during the 2009-01-19 - PHT Valkyrie trail run. It still lingers, faintly, which makes me suspect that I might have actually cracked the pelvis. But there are no other symptoms besides a slight soreness in the area; perhaps like my Humerus Fracture it will heal on its own. Really, if this is all I have to complain about then I've got no problems. Thank goodness!

^z - 2009-02-05