Tough-Minded Optimists

Kind correspondent Lila Das Gupta clearly knows how much I like (1) lists, (2) self-improvement homilies, and (3) optimism; she recently offered these "Twelve Characteristics of Tough-Minded Optimists" (from Alan Loy McGinnis' The Power of Optimism):

  1. Optimists are seldom surprised by trouble.
  2. Optimists look for partial solutions.
  3. Optimists believe they have control over their futures.
  4. Optimists allow for regular renewal.
  5. Optimists interrupt their negative train of thought.
  6. Optimists heighten their powers of appreciation.
  7. Optimists use their imagination to rehearse success.
  8. Optimists are cheerful even when they can't be happy.
  9. Optimists believe they have an almost unlimited capacity for stretching.
  10. Optimists build lots of love into their lives.
  11. Optimists like to swap good news.
  12. Optimists accept what cannot be changed.

... and Lila points out that these also work for marathon runners!

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