Truth, Love, Awareness

From Chapter 4 ("Three Gateways to Refuge") of Tara Brach's True Refuge, thoughts on "the universal path of awakening":

... For me, the words that best capture the spirit of these gateways are "truth," "love," and "awareness." Truth is the living reality that is revealed in the present moment; love is the felt sense of connectedness or oneness with all life; and awareness is the silent wakefulness behind all experience, the consciousness that is reading these words, listening to sounds, perceiving sensations and feelings. Each of these gateways is a fundamental part of who we are; each is a refuge because it is always here, embedded in our own being.

Brach offers a summary table:

            The Outer and Inner Aspects of Refuge

Meditation; Ethics; Teachings
Realizing the nature of reality;
embodying living presence
Conscious relationships with self and other
Realizing oneness;
embodying loving presence
Inspirational spiritual figures
Realizing and embodying
empty, luminous awareness

Those three big themes lead to the three major sections of the book True Refuge ...

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