Work, home, arguments, traffic, ... — a host of things can get heated and overly-busy and high-stress. A thought worth remembering in "Boom Or Bust: 48 Hours At Leadville's Treacherous Ultramarathon", as author Tom Ley interviews a woman at the Leadville 100 miler:

I asked her what it felt like to finish. "It's an amazing accomplishment," she said. "Sometimes I'll find myself sitting in a particularly hectic or stressful meeting and I'll think to myself, 'This is nothing. I've run 100 miles before. I've done something truly amazing.'"

(Ley's essay is dated 2012-12-10; cf. Eric Clifton (2004-10-01), RunningThroughTheWall (2005-01-23), Big Stick (2010-05-18), Shoot the Moon (2011-04-09), 100 Mile Eyes (2013-04-30), PMA at Hardrock 2013 (2013-07-23), Like a Child at the Grownups' Table (2013-11-09), ...) - ^z - 2014-01-03