Yesterday a comrade was describing his daughter's semi-obscure illness and without much hesitation I was able to come up with two or three potential diagnoses. Then it flared on me: I've acquired a mini-medical education during the past few years of running, especially on trails and over long distances. There are many reasons:

So my vocabulary has grown exponentially: metatarsalgia, stress fracture, cœliac disease, piriformis, Prinzmetal's angina, ITB inflammation, hemorrhoids, the Koebner phenomenon, plantar fasciitis, Dequervain's tenosynovitis, hip flexor tightness, etc., etc.—spiffity technical names and homebrew treatments for a menagerie of things that can go awry—not to mention some unmentionably specific female and male "issues". I've enjoyed a lot of pages from this catalog of woes myself. I also now know the maximum "military dosage" for ibuprofen and a few other common pharmaceutical products, along with their potential side-effects, just in case. As the old DuPont slogan used to say, "Better Living Through Chemistry"! (^_^)

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