The first course of our marriage feast was served
   On paper plates. Over the chips and dip
You watched me watching you. At last I nerved
   Myself to speak ... and so began a trip
That took us both beyond the wildest dreams
   We dared imagine possible before
Good fortune crossed our paths that night. It seems
   Uncouth and selfish now to ask for more,
When here we find ourselves so richly blessed —
   With lovely children, health, a happy home —
These twenty-four years after we first kissed.
   But put aside what has already come
To us, and steel your soul with mine to pray:
   That we, two dozen years hence, shall discover
Despite the ups and downs, and come what may,
   The best was yet to be, O Friend and Lover!

TopicPoetry - 2002-02-14

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