A 1993 For Better or For Worse comic strip, by Lynn Johnston, has been posted in a quiet place of honor on the side of our refrigerator for the past decade. The newspaper clipping is yellowed and torn. It has outlasted one refrigerator and is now onto its second.

The strip begins as the protagonist tries to hail a taxi one evening in a blinding snowstorm. Eventually he succeeds.

"Boy, am I glad I'm not driving! What a rotten day!" he says from the back seat to the cabbie.

"It's a very good day to me, Sir," the driver replies.

"That's because you drive a cab!"

No, it's because I'm Ethiopian. It can rain or snow or freeze or fry ... it's always a good day to me. In my homeland, I have seen my friends and my family shot. If I had not escaped, I'd have been killed too. I have a wife I have not seen for 3 years --- and a child I have never seen --- but here I am safe. I can provide for them, and soon I will bring them here. So you see, Sir, the weather doesn't matter. Every day is a very good day to me!"

When he arrives home the protagonist hangs up his coat as his wife, holding their baby, greets him.

"Hi, honey! Horrible day, isn't it?" she says.

"Actually," he responds, as he hugs them, "it's a very good day to me!!"

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I was searching google to try and find out more information about this particular comic strip. I love it and still have my copy on a bulletin board in my room.
You wouldn't know the date of original publication would you? Thanks in advance either way. :)

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There Goes My Baby! (Signed Copies)
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Treasuries: We're still working on this! Description: Ethiopian cab driver, John catches a cab. Complaining about the weather, perspectives. Elly, April.
Caption: .. It's A Very Good Day To Me!!
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