Waiting Is

In Robert A. Heinlein's sf/fantasy Stranger in a Strange Land the protagonist counsels patience with the words, "Waiting is." Near the end of Chapter 5 ("Meditation is Not Instant Coffee: Developing Patience") in Lunchtime Enlightenment author Pragito Dove suggests:

A meditative awareness comes like a whisper, not a shout, with noiseless footsteps. If you are full of occupations, busyness, and noise it might come and wait, but then it will leave. I can't overstate the importance of having silent, waiting time.

So set aside some time—ten, fifteen, thirty minutes or longer—preferably every day, for sitting in silence. It doesn't matter where you are, just sit, close your eyes, and wait. Don't do anything; just sit in great waiting with an open, trusting heart. Then if something is to "happen" you will be ready to receive it. If nothing happens, at least you've had this "down time" to do nothing, and lord knows we all need that! No matter what, after sitting silently for a while you will feel more in touch with yourself, more peaceful.

^z - 2011-01-17