On a first date, beware of certain indications that your partner may be a bit too technological:

The Astronomer
"From several light-years away you would look quite a bit younger. But then, so does everybody."
The Zoologist
"Scaling by body mass and compared to a shrew or a vole, no, I don't think you're eating too much."
The Mathematician
"Your hair reminds me of a theorem I once proved concerning space-filling fractal curves."
The Engineer
"The temperature here seems fine to me. But fat is a great insulator, you know."
The Chemist
"Your cooking is quite good --- mind if I take a sample back to my lab and run it through the gas chromatograph?"
The Physicist
"No, I haven't been waiting long, not compared to the age of the universe."
The Biologist
"I like your outfit. It looks like it was designed to maximize the number of copies of your genes that make it into the next generation."

TopicHumor - TopicScience - 2002-01-22

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