Back on 25 July 1996 a friend (CA) and I were having an online conversation about how easy it is to propose, and hard it is to actually implement, a "knowledgebase" --- a then-popular buzzword for a shared repository of community wisdom. My comrade had pointed out how much expert work has to be done in order to build and maintain such a repository. In violent agreement, I noted:

"Most of the promising db (sorry, I can't say "knowledgebase" today!) projects I've seen have run aground on several shoals:

Five years later, are there ways around these problems? I hope so --- the computer tools have arguably improved --- but without considerable human expert help, it's still a tough nut. For some aspects of the problem space I'm beginning to think that Wiki concepts can perhaps help ... see The Wiki Way and/or [1] for starting points. More on that another time!

(slightly edited from the original; see LearningInvestment, ^zhurnal 11 February 2000, and ZhurnalWiki Preview)

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