Wiklenman Vicente Gonzalez --- aka "Wiki" --- has played baseball as a catcher for the San Diego Padres since 1999. He was born in Venezuela in 1974. Alas, Wiki isn't a super-star, at least not yet. His career statistics are rather unexceptional (by major-league standards): a 2002 batting average of .220, and only one home run in 56 games after a total of 164 times at bat this season. Catching is a tough job; so is hitting.

But suddenly now, as with the Stuttgart soccer player Mark Zimmermann (see WillTheReal, 13 Feb 2001), I find that I've begun to develop a personal affinity for Wiki Gonzalez ... purely by chance, of course, because of a naming coincidence. That's how lots of connections get made in the real world. Consider most choices of career, not to mention spouse (and children, and parents, and other relatives, eh?!).

Maybe a certain amount of randomness is a good thing ....

TopicProfiles - TopicHumor - 2002-11-13

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