A couple of wiki-related software-development notions crossed my consciousness in recent days. Lest I lose them:

Perhaps I can make some progress on these in a few months, if there's a huge blizzard this winter that keeps me home for a week (but doesn't cut off electrical and telephone service) ...

(see also PetBibli1 (23 May 2000) re an article I wrote ca. 1979 on relaxation methods to solve Laplace and Poisson equations; see IrWishes (4 Jan 2001) for notes on information retrieval programming project plans, mostly unrealized still with the exception of the autolinker; see for a snapshot tabulation of the number of links pointing into each ZhurnalWiki page, not including referrals via wiki headers and footers)

TopicProgramming - TopicZhurnal - 2003-11-14

(correlates: ChatTuringTest, Periodic Tables, CloserToFine, ...)