With Dignity

Jon Kabat-Zinn in discussing mindfulness meditation suggests that one sit or stand "with dignity". It's a simple way to describe a not-so-simple posture: spine straight, shoulders back, head up, face relaxed. Calm, like a peaceful lake. Stable, like a mountain. Often during the day I catch myself slouching and must remind, "With Dignity!" The image of a soldier standing at attention is useful, though it suggests a tension and stiffness that aren't quite on target. When young I occasionally walked around with a big book balanced on my head, without much result, alas. The ultimate goal: awareness. Mind needs balance more than body. Think: "With Dignity!"

(cf. Wherever You Go, There You Are (2008-10-31), Coming to Our Senses (2009-01-01), Posture (2009-06-05), ...) - ^z - 2010-12-04