Woolly Caterpillar

Forever, it seems, I've been afraid of furry brown and black caterpillars. Somehow in the dark recesses of my youth I got the notion that their coats were prickly like sea urchins or porcupines. Or maybe, I thought, they were like nettles and would irritate the skin of anyone who touched them. Yow!

But last month, don't ask me why, I managed to work up my courage. I picked up a two-inch-long brown fuzzy monster and moved it off the sidewalk near my front door, so it wouldn't accidentally get stepped on. And it didn't hurt me!

What's next on my list of terrors to overcome? Maybe I should try standing up in front of a crowd and giving a speech? Or stop procrastinating and work on the résumé that I need to prepare? Nah — that's still far too scary ...

^z - 2011-03-11