This year, I'm getting it out of my system immediately. Today the Sunday New York Times magazine again offers its annual version of "What's In" trend analysis with a faux-intellectual spin — "The Year in Ideas" theme issue — and again, it's singularly lacking in real ideas. The 78 mini-features overwhelmingly focus on:

I am hard-pressed to locate any concepts that will be remembered a decade hence. Perennially, what bugs me most about "The Year in Ideas"? Overwhelmingly, the New York Times is a thoughtful, honest, useful newspaper. Here it devotes most of a major section to fluff and product promo-hype. What a pity.

Amusingly enough, a revealing typo (edit-o? HTML-o?) appears on the main Table of Contents page for the web version of the Sunday NYT magazine: amongst the index of articles is Fertile Red States — an "idea" from the 2004 issue. I've reported it; presumably it will be fixed shortly. Its presence suggests that "The Year in Ideas" is at least in format recycled annually. Oops!

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