Year of Running - 2009 - Further Observations graph of distance versus pace for my runs in 2009 shows that an old rule-of-thumb—my maximum speed gets ~1 min/mi slower every time the distance doubles—seems to have altered. The dashed line at the bottom of the chart slopes at about 0.6 min/mi. My rate of breakdown is flattening!

As Year of Running - 2009 discussed, last year was a surprisingly good one for me. Among the reasons for "improvement", if such it be:

But the biggest "secret": setting the bar low by being a long-term lazy bum. This is also known as "sandbagging"—many thanks to Wayne Carson and Ken Swab, my mentors on that tactic!

(cf. SpeedUpSlowDown (2004-10-18), Running2006Analysis (2007-01-27), 2009 Summer-Fall Tentative Race Calendar, ...) - ^z - 2010-02-01