ZhurnalyWiki Random Power Thought Server

Like the ZhurnalyWiki Random Tarot and ZhurnalyWiki Random Unicorn Server, another click-to-mix-and-pick feature just installed: the ZhurnalyWiki Random Power Thought service. Optimism and cheer abound in this deck of 64 created by Louise Hay (1926-2017). See her corporation, "Hay House", for further information and to get a set of physical "Power Thought Cards".

Yes, and as with the "ZhurnalyWiki Random Tarot" service and other pseudorandom offerings here, click on the words "Power Thought" in the menu-bar at the top of all ZhurnalyWiki pages to get a chaotically-chosen bit of positive advice. Try one a day perhaps, let it nudge your mental state in a hopeful direction, and don't take it too seriously ...

(Power-Thought URL = "http://zhurnaly.com/cgi-bin/wiki?action=randommatch;match=%5EPower_Thought_-_") - ^z - 2019-02-11