ZhurnalyWiki Software Update 2008

The Oddmuse gang of programmers, led by Alex Schröder, have been hard at work improving the underlying wiki engine that drives the ZhurnalyWiki, and after more than six months of running the late-2007 version of the code I've upgraded to the latest, v. 1.876 (dated 2008-10-06). It offers several new features, some of which I'll be activating in weeks to come, others of which are already here. In particular, the Creole wiki markup implementation has been enhanced and new features are now available. I'll update the Markup Syntax documentation page soon, but for starters there are definition lists, improved inline monospaced text and Small Caps. Neat-o!

The bad news: my non-standard wiki syntax for blockquotes—prefixing every blockquoted paragraph with a colon—doesn't work any more. Now blockquotes can span multiple paragraphs, but a blockquoted section must be preceded and followed by three double-quotation marks on lines by themselves. I'll be fixing the messed-up pages gradually, as I encounter them. If you wish to help me, please do! Meanwhile, please be patient. Tnx!

(cf. Convert to Creole, InitialOddmuseInstallationNotes (2007-12-27), ...) - ^z - 2008-10-09

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