The ending of True Names, a short sf novel by VernorVinge, includes a delicious image (mild spoiler warning — stop reading now if you don't want to know) of a character's effective uploading of her personality into the global computational network. From that new location "she", in a sense, will outlive her physical body, diffused across the matrix of the 'Net.

It has not escaped my notice that the ^zhurnal, in a similar sense, is growing into an image of my consciousness. It's a highly impressionistic or maybe pointillistic simulacrum ... it's fragmentary, incomplete, idiosyncratic, and disorganized (as I often am in person!) ... and it's static most of the time, mere lifeless symbols.

But — as in the yang-yin dance of data and program — when another mind reads and responds to a ^zhurnal musing, there's a little bit of my consciousness that comes alive for a moment ...

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