To get the Oddmuse wiki up and running on 25 Dec 2007:

  • saw that it was version 1.834 dated 15 Dec 2007 * looked at and searched for "oddmuse" * followed links to "Browse Sources Repository" to "oddmuse" to "" which led to * from which downloaded the then-latest version of Oddmuse's (= Revision 1.835 - Sat Dec 22 20:49:38 2007 UTC)
  • * as per directions on (as an admin user on the Mac) placed a file named "wiki" in directory /Library/CGI-Executables/ with the following contents:

     package OddMuse;
     $DataDir = '/Library/WebServer/Oddmuse';
     do 'current';
    • did a "chmod +x wiki" to make the file "wiki" be executable
    • created a directory named Oddmuse and made it world-read-writeable:
        mkdir /Library/WebServer/Oddmuse
        chmod 777 //Library/WebServer/Oddmuse
    • copied the downloaded file "" to /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/current and then did "chmod +x current" to make "current" be executable
    • browsed to http://localhost/cgi-bin/wiki and saw the empty home page
    • tested system by editing the HomePage, creating a SandBox, commenting on it, etc. — and noted the lack of markup
    • on I did the same as above (except for the path to the cgi-bin directory and the path to the data directory to put oddmuse data files into)
    • as per on both home and remote systems created a file "config" in the oddmuse data directory:
     package OddMuse;
     $SiteName  = "ZhurnalyWiki";
     $StyleSheetPage = 'ZhurnalyWikiStyleSheet';
     $LogoUrl = '/images/zh.gif';
     $CommentsPrefix = 'Comments_on_';
     $AdminPass ='****';
    • set the Admin password to whatever it is now set to (not !) * created a "modules" directory in the Oddmuse data directory * downloaded Oddmuse extensions (from ) and (from ) and put them into the oddmuse data directory * created and placed in "modules" the file as per Alex Schröder's suggestion to permit blockquotes (and maybe some day other extensions):
      ` push(@MyRules, \&amp;BlockQuoteRule); sub BlockQuoteRule { # indented text using : with the option of spanning multiple text paragraphs (but not lists etc). if (InElement('blockquote') &amp;&amp; m/\G(\s*\n)+:[ \t]*/cog) { return CloseHtmlEnvironmentUntil('blockquote') . AddHtmlEnvironment('p'); } elsif ($bol &amp;&amp; m/\G(\s*\n)*:[ \t]*/cog) { return CloseHtmlEnvironments() . AddHtmlEnvironment('blockquote') . AddHtmlEnvironment('p'); } return undef; } * created ZhurnalyWikiStyleSheet to hold CSS, based on <a class="url http" href=""></a> and <a class="url http" href=""></a> and <a class="url http" href=""></a> * began testing! --- [[TopicProgramming]] - [[TopicZhurnal]] - 2007-12-27<br /> --- --- //(correlates: [[Comments on ZhurnalyWikiStyleSheet]], [[Oddmuse Local]], [[Comments on HomePage]], ...)//