The "OODA Loop" is a model of human behavior. It was a military training doctrine a few years ago (and for all I know, is now passé — but is no less valid). OODA means:

  • observe: sense your surroundings
  • orient: get your bearings
  • decide: choose what to do, and
  • act: do it!
    ... and then repeat (hence, "loop").

The OODA Loop is a brilliantly simple systems model that highlights four key aspects of life. It's applicable not just in the heat of battle but in any situation. If you can "turn inside the enemy's OODA Loop" then you respond quicker, you control the situation, and in short order you win the dogfight. Contrariwise, if you receive bad information, if you're confused, if you dither, or if you fail to move, you're likely in trouble no matter what enterprise you've undertaken.

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