On the radio recently I heard a commercial for a local company that finished with the tagline:

     Our promise. Your performance.

It sounds like something inspired by the ubiquitous Microsoft ad campaign:

     Your potential. Our passion.

This leads me to speculate that countless other alliterative p-slogans must exist out in thesauruspace, if only we have the perspicacity to produce them. Consider the pro-environmental:

     Our planet. Your pollution.

... or the proto-capitalistic caricature:

     My product. My profit.

Then there's today's top pharmaceutical priority:

     Our pill. Your potency.

... and the procreatively linked:

     His paternity. Her pregnancy.

On the less polite side, the sadistic:

     Your pain. My pleasure.

... points toward the powerhouse business of the Internet:

     Your perversion. Our pornography.

Could this entire profligacy of promotional p-ness be a pale echo of the preeminent Cold War motto of the USAF Strategic Air Command? In my youth I saw, painted prominently on the water reservoir at the local military post:

     Peace is our profession.

It lacks the pairwise parallelism of the present-day plethora of preferred proverbs, but the proto-concept is present ...

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