A few graphs that show some interesting (to me!) facets of last year's ^z pedestrian expeditions. First, in a few square inches, all 92 of my training runs and races for 2006 (blue dots) along with my weekly training mileage (red line, a triangle-smoothed 2-week FWHM average):

The spike in November is the JFK 50 miler. Other local maxima include the Washington's Birthday Marathon in February, the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon (~28 miles) and the Hinte-Anderson Trail Run (50k "HAT Run") in March, the Wineglass Marathon and the Mad Dog Zimmarathon Plus (~29 miles) in October, and a New Year's Eve reenactment of the Marathon in the Parks.

The data reveal a fascinating relationship between speed and distance, as shown on this chart with a logarithmic horizontal scale for mileage and a linear vertical scale of pace in minutes/mile:

Slower runs on this chart are generally associated with tougher trail terrain or deliberately leisurely outings with friends. As previously discussed, and as the lower envelope of the pace points on the chart confirms, I tend to go ~1 minute/mile slower every time the distance doubles.

Bottom line for 2006: an average of ~21 miles/week, a total of ~1090 miles, and a mean run length of ~12 miles ... and most importantly, no major injuries. A good year — All Good!

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